Wednesday, March 26, 2008

According to a report by the US-based Nemertes Research, the internet could be jammed with excessive data by 2010.

According to Nemertes, the reason for this could be that bandwidth usage is outpacing infrastructure build outs. The result could be such that the phenomenon could take the form of web pages taking longer time to load and interruptions in videos that are downloaded or streamed. The report by Nemertes was partly funded by the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) which campaigns for universal broadband in the US, a report said.

The study has also warned that if nothing is done about this impending danger, the situation after 2010 would resemble that of the dying days of dial-up access.

Analysts have called for an investment of around US$100 billion in the global internet infrastructure so that a level of gridlock can be prevented. This gridlock would otherwise make it almost impossible to use rich media sites like YouTube, they pointed out.

The warning that has been sounded reverberates sharply and it is clear that the next Google, YouTube or Amazon might not even arise. The reason would not be that there would be lack of demand, but due to an inability to fulfill that demand. An estimated investment needed to prevent the clogging
of the Internet would come anywhere near $137 billion globally.

With such a situation staring in the eyes of the internet dependent world, it has become a necessity that steps to build out network capacity or potentially face internet gridlock that could wreak havoc on Internet services be initiated as soon as possible.


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